1st Choice Rentals, rent the best brands at the best prices. All delivered and installed in the comfort of your own home.

We are family owned Australian company, and have been hiring household appliances since 1981, and we truly stick by our motto that “We put you first!”.

As one of the leading household home appliance rental companies you can be assured that 1st Choice Rentals has the right products just for you. Rent a big screen TV or perhaps you need a refrigerator, washer, heater or air conditioner! We have a huge range to rent from including furniture, home theater, computers, laptops, lounges, beds & fitness equipment. At 1st Choice, We give You a Real Choice!

We care about you and endeavour to supply you the right product for your needs and financial circumstances.  You are not “just a number” to us, indeed, we will never ask you for your account number.

It’s easy to apply online with 1st Choice Rentals. Simply click through to our website which has all of our products listed in easy to navigate categories. Add the products you would like to your cart, then click Apply Now.

We provide a convenient and easy way to select products for fast delivery direct to your door step. Warranties & servicing giving you peace of mind, at an affordable price. You also have the option to buy your goods at any time during your rental term. You will be surprised how little it costs and with free delivery*, installation* and service**.

Make 1st Choice Rentals your Choice for home appliance rentals.

*Unless otherwise specified

**Excludes deliberate, accidental and malicious damage, insect infestation, tampering, computer viruses and any other use outside the manufacturers specifications.

Why Choose Us?

  • Australia’s most flexible rental company
  • Affordable
  • No hidden costs
  • We seek solutions where others may find problems
  • Convenient and easy to arrange bookings and organise deliveries
  • Warranties provided and servicing of products allows peace of mind
  • Huge range of brand name products to rent
  • Option to buy goods at any time
  • Biggest Range of Products
  • Our Customer Service Officers are all experienced in meeting Customer expectations
  • Free Delivery & Free Installation*
  • Free Service*
  • Australian family owned business
  • Offer to buy any time!

What Our Customers Say About Us?

I rent quite a lot of stuff off 1st Choice.

I wanted to thank you for a number of things. Firstly, for putting up with me ringing you so much, regarding my computer being repaired. You could of taking this as harassment, but you didn’t. I really appreciate that.

Also, the deal you made with me about my computer requiring no COD when it was delivered is so great. You’re right when you say in your ads that customers are not just a number to you.

Also, I would like to compliment on the friendly staff I have spoken to over the phone. These people in particular are James and Susan. Its so much easier when speaking to people who are friendly, and believe me, I have come across people who are so rude, such as channel 7 and channel 9, who have no phone manners.

You guys are great! You provide such a great service, and I felt it was necessary to send this email, to let you know how much of a great company you are.

A Hardy -- Rooty Hill, NSW

1st Choice Commitment to Our Local Community

1st Choice Rentals pride ourselves on our commitment to our local community. We want to thank each and every one of you for the very kind thank you letters.