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Sat Sep 25 05:34:02 AEST 2021

Caring & looking after Your Mower!

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way. Lawnmowers, like any machine, have moving parts and equipment that need to be checked every so often to maintain good economy and maximise performance. Thanks

Here’s some tips to keep your Victa in great shape.

• After use, always clean your mower using the wash hole on the chassis.
• Store you mower under cover and keep debris off the wheels and corners.
• Always disconnect the spark plug when tipping your mower on its side. To avoid internal oil spillage in 4-stroke mowers, ensure the spark plug faces upwards.
• Change your blades once a year for maximum performance and reduced mowing time.
• For 4-stroke mowers, change the oil at least once year.
• 4-stroke mowers also need their oil levels checked before use and topped up if necessary as insufficient oil can lead to engine seizure.
Conduct a full service on your mower after 50 hours of use or every two years – whichever comes first.
• Always use genuine spare parts to safeguard your warranty and to ensure safety standards and performance levels are optimised.
• We recommend that you change your air-filter once a year to avoid starting difficulties and engine problems.