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Sat Sep 25 05:34:12 AEST 2021

Choosing the right fridge for you?

How to choose the right fridge for you.


Check the space you have available in the kitchen for the fridge, that is the height, length and depth. We show the dimensions of all our fridges in milimeters (mm), to help you determine which fridge will fit into your space.

Access to your house

If you are getting a large fridge, a common problem is the ability to fit it into your door or up and around tricky stairs! So remember to check this before choosing your fridge.


We have all types of design, from your standard Top Mount Fridge / Freezer, Bottom Mount Fridge / Freezer, Piegeon Pair, and Side by Sides.

  • Top Mounts: Are your typical fridge freezer
  • Bottom Mounts: have the advantage of not having to bend over to get to the bottom of the fridge!
  • Pigeon Pair: You can seperate the fridge and freezer into seperate rooms if you wish, this also gives you lots of fridge and freezer space.
  • Side by Side: Stylish, Modern fridge.