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Sat Sep 25 05:34:27 AEST 2021

Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters & NRMA Motoring Courtesy Services

This is an extract from RTA website:
Motorised wheelchairs and other types of disabled persons’ conveyances are exempt from registration and operators of these vehicles must comply with the same road rules as pedestrians.
This is provided:

  • They are used solely for the conveyance of a person with a disability that substantially impairs the person’s mobility.
  • They are not capable of travelling at more than 10km/h.

It is illegal for 1st Choice to rent anyone a mobility scooter, who is not a person with a disability that substantially impairs their mobility. This must be proven with a doctors medical certificate.

NRMA Motoring & Services (NRMA) provides a courtesy service for unregistered motorised mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

This service is provided without the requirement for an NRMA Motoring & Services membership. This service is not provided at a facility where this service can be done such as a hospital, hostel or nursing home.

You may contact NRMA’s roadside assistance team on 13 11 11 or
Online to receive service. The service provided to motorised mobility scooters or wheelchairs is limited as NRMA patrols do not carry spare tyres or parts for these vehicles. Assistance is for breakdowns only, and is limited to minor permanent or temporary repairs. It is not intended to substitute for scheduled maintenance or service.

Typical assistance is:

  • repairing tyre punctures
  • attending to minor electrical or mechanical problems.

This does not include battery replacement and replacement of worn tyres.

Occupational Health and Safety regulations prohibit persons not trained in correctly lifting people from helping the occupant into or out of a wheelchair.

Please note that if the mobility scooter, wheelchair or invalid chair is registered to drive on the road, it must be joined for roadside assistance on an NRMA Motoring & Services membership to ensure it is eligible for roadside care. More information on this matter is available by contacting NRMA’s Membership consultants, available on 13 11 22.