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Sat Sep 25 05:34:32 AEST 2021

Problems with Your Washer?

Arrgh, have you got black stains all over clothes after washing?
What about that damn fluffy lint?
Perhaps your washing machine looking or smelling dirty and grungy?


Here is a few tips on how to get your clothes come out clean and fresh, and keep your washer in peak performance?

Important things to Always Remember:

1) Remove everything from your pockets. Sounds simple, but we all forget to do it from time to time. Always check your pockets for coins, hair clips, tissues or other items BEFORE you put your clothes into the washer. Any foreign items will block the drainage and cause your washer to stop working.

2) Try to minimise your use of fabric softener. This is like putting cement straight into your washer. Try vinegar instead, it will leave your clothes just as soft.   Fabric softtner is no good for your washer, we say it acts like cement in your washer, causing it not to wash correctly and cause excessive grime buildup in your machine – no good.

3) Never overload your machine, this will put unnecessary pressure onto your washer and will cause it to break down.  Easier said than done when you just want to get the damn washing done, but trust me, your washer will last alot longer and your clothes will be much cleaner for it.

4) Most washers are high water efficiency machines, that is a 4 Star water rating or Front Load washers, so we need to use a low sud washing powder, which is designed for these type of washers. Front load washing powder is ideal.  If you don’t the bubbles will go crazy and get into your electrical components and potentially ruin your washer.

Ok, so now we are ready to clean the washer… here goes… get ready with a bucket, gloves, a few towels, and a small scourer type sponge.

Start with the Exterior, that’s the outside of your washer, wipe it down with the soft part of your sponge soaked in vinegar or your favorite all-purpose cleaner.

Then clean the Tub, pour 1/2 Box Epson Salt directly into the tub, run your washer on the highest water setting, using HOT water and a Heavy Duty setting, let the washer fill up and run through half of its agitating cycle, then pause the washer (either by pressing pause button or lifting the lid, then let washer sit overnight, and finish the cycle the following morning. This will remove any odors, stains and detergent build up from behind the tub.  You may need to repeat this step a few times if its been a while since you last cleaned your washer.

Now you can clean the Lid/Door of your washer, again with the sponge soaked in vinegar ensure to remove all the midlew and detergent build up.  If you have a front loader, ensure to clean the rubber seal too, you will need to get under and around it, but dont tug or pull on it too much as it can go out of shape.

If you have a front load washing machine, don’t forget to remove the bleach and fabric softener dispensers, and scrub them in the sink. Then, dry them thoroughly and return them to the machine.

Lastly, you will need to clean your lint filters.  You may need to refer to your user manual for the location of your lint filter.  Remove lint filters to empty the lint into the bin, clean lint filter carefully with warm water to remove any residue

Thats it, your washing machine will be clean and sparkling and ready to wash your clothes.

Additional Tips:

1. To prevent mildewing, leave the lid open after you finish a load to allow the washing machine to dry out.

2. Commercial fabric softeners leave build up in the machine. Make vinegar your fabric softer of choice, and the inside of your washing machine won’t need to be cleaned as frequently – if at all.

3. While you’re cleaning your washing machine, inspect the washer hoses to make sure they’re still firmly in place.


Problem: The water won’t drain from the tub.

Solution: Check the drainage hose to ensure it’s not kinked or clogged. If it’s clear and in good shape, carefully try running the drainage hose to the drain in your floor, if the water runs out, please call 1st choice for service as your pump may be faulty.

Problem: The washer is very noisy.

Solution: Most times it’s an unbalanced or too heavy load. The washer may not be balanced. Check with a level and adjust the legs accordingly.

Problem: Black stains on laundry?

Soultion: Most likely build up of fabric softner, go through tips to clean your washer thoroughly.

Problem: Lint or fluff all over your washing?

Soultion: Inspect and clean your lint filter