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Sat Sep 25 05:34:51 AEST 2021

What does DVR Ready and PVR Ready Mean?

This article explains exactly what DVR Ready and PVR Ready means on your new High Definition TV.

dvr pvr ready


As soon as you start using your PVR Ready TV with a DVR / PVR Machine you will never go back to watching TV without one!
Come into the light, and see the amazing benefits you can get from a DVR / PVR Ready TV.

All you need with your DVR/PVR Ready TV is a PVR Machine. Just hook up your PVR Machine to your TV and you will now enjoy all the benefits of the modern era of TV.

1. Record all your favourite TV shows and watch them later at your leisure, You will never miss your favourite shows again with a PVR Machine.
2. Record 2 shows on different channels at the same time. So sweet.
3. Record Live TV with the press of a button. This is an awesome feature to have when you have a pesky visitor interrupt you during your favourite show!
4. You can even go that one step further and actually pause and rewind live TV. With a PVR / DVR machine you will never miss those important parts of a movie again, simply just rewind and watch it again!

Ah, the convenience of being able to watch your shows at your own leisure, and fast forward those annoying ads!

These days they call it Direct USB Record.

To put it simply DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and PVR stands for Personal Video Recorder. They are devices that look like a DVD Player and usually have a twin tuner inbuilt that allows them to record 2 channels at the same time. They also have an inbuilt Hard drive usually 500GB which is quite large and will store many movies and shows. These days PVR machines also have smart functionality inbuilt, which means you can also access Youtube, Stan, Netflix etc using your PVR machine! (Of course you will require an internet connection for the smart functionality to work).

Using a PVR Machine is the best way to take advantage of all those new free to air, freeview TV channels!

Now we must mention you can use a portable USB hard disk drive (USB HDD) to record your shows. This can be a much cheaper option! But before you go out purchasing a USB HDD be sure to check the user manual for your TV to ensure you get the right one! For instance, LG Smart TVs require the USB HDD have its own power supply and be at least 40GB capacity.  This is why we recommend using a PVR Machine, as you will know it will work.

You will never have to watch ads again and will always have something to watch with a PVR Machine. So why not rent a PVR Machinetoday!