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Rental Terms & Conditions

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Fees and Charges

effective 1st April 2011
* Rental installment – As specified on the Rental Agreement
* Early termination costs during the initial term – As specified on the Rental Agreement
* LLC Installments – As specified on the Rental Agreement
* Field Call Fee – $45 per address visited
* Claim Processing Fee – As specified on the Rental Agreement
* Air-conditioning Unit Removal or relocation cost – Quote upon request
* Additional air-conditioning unit install costs – Quote upon request
* Non-delivery fee $45 per instance
* Bond – As specified on the Rental Agreement
* Late Payment fee – $11 per rental installment overdue
* Dishonour fee – $11 per payment dishonoured

Consumable Items

Definition: Parts such as those listed below that are generally not covered under any warranty or Rental agreement contract.

Paper for printers
Ink Cartridges
Mower blades
Spark plugs
Lint filters
Video tapes
Vacuum cleaner bags
Tyres & Inner tubes for scooters
Light bulbs
Detergent Powder
Fridge Seals
Air Conditioning Filters
Fuel / Petrol
Timmer Line
Projection lamps
Power tool blades / Drill bits etc

1st Choice Rentals Standard Credit Approval Process

All applications for rental made via this website are subject to and must comply with 1st Choice Rentals standard credit approval criteria.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensure your rental goods are exactly what you need, and are affordable for your budget.