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Repair Request

Got a problem or fault with the goods your renting? Need a warranty repair?

we’ve closed shop for the holidays and will reopen on January 2.  If you require emergency assistance with your fridge during this period, please contact us on 0405930935.  For all other services, please contact us when we reopen in the New Year.  1st Choice Rentals would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas, and a safe & happy holiday season.

We will pick up repair and return your rental items free of charge*.  We will also provide a loan item where possible.

Please submit the form below or give us a call to request repair on your rental item.

*Whilst you are renting your goods and your account is up to date. Excludes deliberate, accidental and malicious damage, insect infestation, tampering, computer viruses and any other use outside the manufacturers specifications.

Repair Request

Request repair
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  • Consumable Items are not covered under any warranty or rental agreement contract.

    Consumable items include:

    • Batteries
    • Paper for printers
    • Ink Cartridges
    • Mower blades
    • Spark plugs
    • Film
    • Lint filters
    • Video tapes
    • Vaccum cleaner bags
    • Light bulbs
    • Tyres & Inner tubes for scooters
    • Projection lamps
    • DVD/CDs
    • Detergent Powder
    • Fridge Seals
    • Air Conditioning Filters
    • Fuel / Petrol
    • Trimmer Line
    • Power tool blades / Drill bits etc