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The Smart Dry Ultimate Dehumidifier

$13.50 per week / 2 year(s)

Product Model: LAD500WHT

SKU: 0014941

Category: Portable Air Con

Breville The Smart Dry Ultimate Dehumidifier


Automatically keep the humidity in your comfort zone by setting the appropriate level and allowing the dehumidifier to do the rest of the work, depending on room temperature. Plus, the humidity indicator identifies the level of humidity in the air so that you can adjust accordingly. This Smart Dry Dehumidifier has a three-stage air filtration: a pre-filter, carbon filter and air filter that reduces dust, pet dander, odours and smoke, as well as airborne particles and any other allergens so that the air you breathe is cleaner. Plus, this dehumidifier has laundry mode that assists with drying wet clothes faster when hanging them indoors.

  • 30L per day of water extraction capacity
  • Air Circulation 210m3/h
  • Tank Capacity:  4L
  • Compatible Room Size:  50-80m2
  • Filtration: Pre-filter for Dust & Pet Dander, Carbon Filter for Odours & Smoke and Air Filter for Airborne Particles & Allergens
  • Settings: 2 speeds
  • Dimensions (mm): 370 W x 250 D x 585 H

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