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V500 Hoverboard All Terrain 6.5"

$15.75 per week / 1 year

Product Model: V500 HOVERBOARD ALL TERRAIN 6.5"

SKU: 0013823

Category: Scooters-Skate

The Vivid Hoverboard sports 6.5" wheels with all terrain tyres allowing you take your riding off the asphalt and onto less even surfaces like grass and dirt. With 2 powerful 350W motors driven by high quality battery cells this hoverboard can really move! Compatible with the Vivid Hoverboard Kart.

  • Riders must weigh more than 20kg but no more than 120kg to ride. Riders must also be at least 120mm to ride.
  • Currently Electric Scooters & Hoverboards must be used on private land only in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA. ACT & QLD may ride on public paths, footpaths and bicycle paths but not on bicycle lanes and roads. Just make sure to observe speed limits and wear safety gear! Full responsibility is with the end user to understand & abide by the current law in their state.

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