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V500 Hoverboard Street 6.5"

$15.75 per week / 1 year

Product Model: V500 HOVERBOARD STREET 6.5"

SKU: 0013858

Category: Scooters-Skate

The Vivid Hoverboard sports 6.5" wheels with street tyres to provide a smooth ride on footpaths and asphalt. With 2 powerful 350W motors driven by high quality battery cells this hoverboard can really move! Compatible with the Vivid Hoverboard Kart.

  • Riders must weigh more than 20kgs but no more than 120kgs to ride. Riders must also be at least 120cm to ride.
  • Currently Electric Scooters & Hoverboards must be used on private land only in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA. ACT & QLD may ride on public paths, footpaths and bicycle paths but not on bicycle lanes and roads. Just make sure to observe speed limits and wear safety gear~ Full responsibility is with the end user to understand & abide by the current law in their state.

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