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6 Place Benchtop Dishwasher

$9.75 per week / 2 year(s)

Product Model: DWB-S

SKU: 0009106

Category: Dishwashers

DWBS Domain Silver 6 Place Setting Bench Top Freestanding Dishwasher
Features Anti-Flood Device, 6 Wash Programs, Delay Start, Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser, LED Remaining Time Indicator, Foldable Plate Racks, Hot or Cold Water Connection, a Cutlery Basket and more.
6 WASH PROGRAMS: The DWBS bench top dishwasher features a broad range of cleaning programs. Dealing with the toughest baked on foods, delicate glass or simply need a quick wash before someone arrives, there is a program to assist. Choose from Intensive, Heavy, Normal, Glass, Rapid or Soak.
ANTI-FLOOD DEVICE: This great little benchtop dishwasher minimises the risk of leaks and flooding. Equipped with an anti-flood device there is no need to worry about who is using it while you are not around or explaining accidentals to your landlord. Used correctly this device should prevent water damage in your home.
DELAY START: The Delay Start option can be viewed on the LED Display and allows you to delay the start time of your wash automatically from 1 up to 24hours.
Specifications: - 6 Place Electronic Benchtop Dishwasher - Freestanding Benchtop Dishwasher - Push Button Functions: On/Off/Start/Reset/Delay/3in1 - Six cleaning programs: Intensive, Heavy, Normal, Glass, Rapid, Soak - Water Sensor - Antiflood Device - Easy to Clean filter - Stainless Steel Interior Tub - Foldable Plate Racks - Cultery Basket - Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser - Residual Drying System - Delay Start from 1-24 hours - LED Remaining Time and Delay Time Indicator - Max. Plate Diameter of 25.4mm - Standard 3/4in Inlet Hose (connect to either cold or hot water tap) - 1.2m Inlet and OUtlet Hose lengths - 2.5 Star water rating - WELS Approved - Dimensions (H) 438 (W) 550 (D) 500 mm
Dishwashers are not installed.
How to install a Benchtop Dishwasher

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