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40L 1100W Stainless Steel Microwave

$9.75 per week / 1 year

Product Model: WMF4102SA

SKU: 0014473

Category: Microwaves

This Westinghouse microwave oven has 1100 watts of power. It has a 345mm turntable diameter, allowing you to defrost large containers of homemade broths. You can avoid under- and over-cooking with the Westinghouse WMF4102SA's 10 power levels. Its auto sensor helps you prevent over-cooking and burning. The Westinghouse microwave oven has a stainless steel finish. It has a 553mm width, a 327mm height, and a 453mm depth. You can never waste time waiting for food to thaw thanks to this Westinghouse microwave oven.

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