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559L Side by Side Fridge - White

$20.00 per week / 3 year(s)

Product Model: CSS559NWD

SKU: 0014428

Category: Refrigerators

* Inverter System: quieter than traditional compressors, keeps your food fresher and saves on energy consumption. * Multi Air Flow System: chilled air reaches each shelf quickly and uniformly to ensure your food stays fresh for longer. * LED Display with Touch Control: The LED digital temperature display and electronic controls ensure the optimum control of each zone and can be easily set. * LECO Refreshing System: Abnormal odours and microorganisms are dissolved by the CHiQ LECO System which also discharges natural C02 & H20 material to actively eliminate bacteria. * Super Freezing function: Quick freezing seals the freshness of the stored items.

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