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25.4cc 2 Stroke Easy Start Blower Vac

$10.75 per week / 2 year(s)

Product Model: RBV254O

SKU: 0014780

Category: Power Tools

Ryobi 25.4cc 2 Stroke Easy Start Blower Vac


Tackle the toughest messes you’ll face in the garden with the RYOBI 25.4cc Easy Start blower vac. The 25.4cc full crank engine can push 460 cubic feet of air every minute at around 342km/h. The variable speed cruise control function can help avoid strain. And with the switch to vac mode, the metal mulching blades can help turn your garden mess into handy mulch.

  • Capable of delivering 460CFM at 342km/h
  • Includes metal mulching blade for use with vac mode

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