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36V 4.0Ah Brushless Blower Vac Kit

$17.00 per week / 2 year(s)

Product Model: RBV3640

SKU: 0014782

Category: Power Tools

Ryobi 36V 4.0Ah Brushless Blower Vac Kit


With the RYOBI 36V Blower Vacuum, it’s easy to always have clean and tidy, decks, driveways, lawns and paved outdoor areas. It is also great if you don’t want to blow debris into pools or when you’re in tight spaces.

The vac function is perfect for turning your leaves and grass clippings into nutrient-rich mulch for the garden & compost. The metal blade mulches debris at a 16:1 ratio and the vac conveniently collects the material in the large 45L bag. Which means when you’re ready to put leaves in your green bin, there’s no manual collection & you’ll have far more space to dispose of other garden waste.

The kit includes a 4.0Ah battery, a 1.7A charger, a 45L bag for collecting dry leaves and grass clippings, and a comfortable shoulder strap. The cordless blower vac’s over/under design allows you to change from blower to vacuum mode in a second. Cruise control makes it comfortable to use for longer clean-ups, and the blower vac can operate for up to 15 minutes on maximum power with the included 4.0Ah battery. For more runtime, simply use the variable speed trigger to reduce the power and extend your runtime as needed.

  • Over-under style changes from blower to vac in 1 second
  • Cruise control for comfortable extended use
  • Metal blade effectively mulches leaves and garden waste
  • 45L bag collects waste material for easy use and/or disposal

Please note:

  • This product is designed for vacuuming of dry leaves and grass clippings. It is designed for garden refuse only.
  • 15 minute operating time on maximum power with the included 4.0Ah battery.

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