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Ryobi 36V Lawn Care Package

$39.00 per week / 2 year(s)


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Ryobi 36V Lawn Care Package

Keep your lawn looking smart with this package.

This package is while stock lasts for NSW and Victoria customers only. Once stock runs out this rate cannot be matched.


Ryobi 36V 6Ah 51cm (20”) Brushless Self-Propelled Mower Kit


This kit comes with a 6.0Ah battery, a 6A charger, and a 58L catcher. This self-propelled lawn mower is fantastic for hilly backyards and lawns with uneven sections, as no pushing is required. The wide 510mm deck can quickly cover large areas, making this RYOBI 36V mower ideal for large properties as well.


The self-propelled speed is adjustable too, which means you can tailor your mowing performance to exactly what suits your lawn.

Make storing your mower a breeze with integrated vertical storage and compact telescopic handles.


Designed to maximise runtime on large blocks and yards, there are 7 cutting heights available which range from 40mm up to 103mm! Adjusting the height of the blades is easy too, effortlessly drop or raise the height with a single adjustment of the knob.


There’s even space on board the mower for storing a spare battery – great for saving time and energy when mowing a big block. Get back to your gardening or DIY project faster with a RYOBI 36V 6A Fast Charger. This fast charger can charge the 6.0Ah battery in 70 minutes (charging times may vary depending on battery temperature when placed on charge).


This RYOBI 36V Lawn Mower has no rear door, so it takes only seconds to pull the catcher through the handles for fast and easy emptying.


Ryobi 36V 4.0Ah Brushless Line Trimmer Kit


Trim, slash and edge grass with the RYOBI 36V 40cm Brushless Line Trimmer Kit. It comes with a 4.0Ah battery and a 1.7A charger. The trimmer’s brushless motor gives it the power and runtime to cover large yards. You’ll get up to 42 minutes on high speed or 60 minutes on low speed using the included 4.0Ah battery.

The high-power brushless motor enables this line trimmer to outperform brushed-motor equivalents, helping you tidy up your property with less effort. The wide 40cm cut path on this trimmer ensures maximum coverage so more grass can be slashed or trimmed with less effort. The quick-connect boom clamp only needs 2 rotations to secure an attachment, and the bump feed head reloads in just 60 seconds. The trimmer is also compatible with Expand-It attachments.

  • Kit comes with a 4.0Ah battery and 1.7A charger
  • Quick-connect boom clamp only requires 2 rotations to secure attachments
  • Bump feed head with easy-winder handle reloads in just 60 seconds
  • 710W brushless motor delivers outstanding performance


Ryobi 36V Cordless Blower Vac - Skin Only


This product does not include the battery or charger.

With the RYOBI 36V Blower Vacuum, it’s easy to always have clean and tidy decks, driveways, lawns and paved outdoor areas. Using your existing 36V battery, this unit will deliver up to 20 minutes of runtime from a 5.0Ah battery, great for quick clean-ups around the yard or driveway.

The vac function is perfect for turning your leaves and grass clippings into nutrient-rich mulch for the garden & compost. The metal blade mulches debris at a 16:1 ratio and the vac conveniently collects the material in the large 45L bag. Which means when you’re ready to put leaves in your green bin, there’s no manual collection & you’ll have far more space to dispose of other garden waste.

The cordless blower vac’s over/under design allows you to change from blower to vacuum mode in a second, meaning you can blow debris into a corner and vac it up right away. The cruise control feature makes it comfortable to use for longer clean-ups, locking the trigger in position.

  • Over-under style changes from blower to vac in 1 second
  • 237kmh air velocity
  • 36V cordless power

Please note:

  • This product is designed for vacuuming of dry leaves and grass clippings. It is designed for garden refuse only.
  • 15 minute operating time on maximum power with a 4.0Ah battery.

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