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SoloPro2 Wireless Security System

$12.50 per week / 2 year(s)

Product Model: SOLO PRO-2

SKU: 0014486

Category: Security Cameras

Easy set up, no wires, no fuss. 100% Wirefree Full HD 1080p Smart Security Camera Quick swap rechargeable battery Cloud & SD card compatible *not included DIY simple installation Thermo Sense Heat & Movemement Detection Weatherproof* Tow-way talk & Siren alert Remote Viewing Night vision up to 10m 24/7 Support Package includes: 2 x SoloPro, 1 SD card, 1 Solar Panel Notes, this system is very easy to set up, simply download the App, register for a free account with uniden, verify your email, then click add camera. Only works with 2.4Ghz wireless networks.

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