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UNIDEN Solo+ Twin Wireless Security Pack

$17.50 per week / 2 years


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Product Description

Uniden App Cam Solo+ Wire-free home security range with rechargeable Full HD 1080P camera’s.

With a new contemporary design, the App Cam Solo+ can be placed anywhere inside and outside of the home to keep watch at any angle.

Easy set up, no wires, no fuss.

  • 100% Wirefree Full HD 1080p Smart Security Camera
  • Quick swap rechargeable battery
  • Cloud & SD card compatible
  • DIY simple installation
  • Thermo Sense Heat & Movemement Detection
  • Weatherproof*
  • Tow-way talk & Siren alert
  • Remote Viewing
  • Night vision up to 10m
  • 24/7 Support
  • Package includes: 2 x Solo+ Cameras, 2 x 64GB Micro SD Cards, 2 x Solar panels
  • The ideal viewing distance is 2-10 meters, which enables you to recognize a human

    *Please dress the camera with the Silicone Cover for better weatherproof performance when you install the camera outdoors.

    Notes, this system is very easy to set up, simply download the App, register for a free account with uniden, verify your email, then click add camera. Only works with 2.4Ghz wireless networks.