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Galaxy Watch4 40mm

$18.50 per week / 1 year

Product Model: GALAXY WATCH4 40MM

SKU: 0014469

Category: Smart Watches

Maintain your health and wellbeing with the premium design and functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm. Using the new Google Wear OS powered by Samsung makes your smartwatch seamlessly connect to the Google ecosystem; delivering access to a wide variety of apps and experiences such as Strava, Calm and Adidas Run. Monitor your exercise and health statistics with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic; it can measure your current blood pressure, calculate your current BMI and perform an ECG all from your smartwatch. Perform smartphone tasks; play games and music, view your calendar, set alarms and organise your life straight from your wrist. Track your fitness goals and your activity progress with Samsung health, it supports monitoring for more than 90 different exercises.

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