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Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen Pack

$7.75 per week / 1 year


SKU: 0013495

Category: Audio

The Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation comes with improved sound to play your favourite music, podcasts, weather and news with clarity and rich bass. This smart home device has been designed with regard to the environment, with its durable fabric top being made from 100% recycled bottles. With customisable voice commands, you can get instant access to your playlists, schedule, timers and more, so you can navigate everyday tasks with ease. - Say "Hey Google," to start a conversation with your smart home assistant. - The Google Nest Mini can control compatible smart objects in your home, such as lights, alarms, and appliances using voice commands. - It's compatible with music and entertainment applications such as YouTube, Spotify, Chromecast, and Netflix, giving you voice-command access to your favourite media. - You can use your Nest Mini to set alarms, play news bulletins, or to hear your scheduled appointments called out to you. - The Nest Mini comes with rich, deep base improvements from the previous model. - Connect your Google Nest Mini via your existing WiFi connection. - With its compact size and minimalist design, the Google Nest Mini can be wall-mounted or simply placed on a table, shelf, or bench top. - The fabric top is designed to be durable, and is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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